EasternSea distribute CROUSE-HINDS enclosure (both non hazardous and hazardous application): 1. Crouse-Hinds Cast Metallic Enclosures – Non-Hazardous Applications 2. Crouse-Hinds Cast Metallic Enclosures – Explosionproof or Flameproof Hazardous Applications 3. Crouse-Hinds Instrument Enclosures: For enclosing instrumentation and control devices (such as two-wire transmitters, flow measurement devices, and temperature controls), ammeters, voltmeters, and wattmeters.) 4. Crouse-Hinds […]

wiring devices

Easternsea distribute CROUSE-HINDS wiring devices (both non hazardous and hazardous application) 1. CROUSE-HINDS Cable gland: 2. CROUSE-HINDS Industrial – Explosionproof pull box 3. CROUSE-HINDS Industrial – Hazardous Junction box: 4. CROUSE-HINDS Marine – Explosionproof Receptacle 5. CROUSE-HINDS Marine – Explosionproof Switch Share +1 Tweet Share Pin StumbleShares 0

Crouse Hinds lighting

EasternSea distribute Crouse-Hinds lighting (both normal and emergency lighting) for non hazardous and hazardous application. Crouse-Hinds Foodlight Crouse-Hinds Globe & guard Crouse-Hinds HID lighting Crouse-Hinds Helideck lighting Crouse-Hinds Linear Fluorescent Luminaires. Crouse-Hinds Spot Lights Crouse-Hinds Visual Signalling: Share +1 Tweet Share Pin StumbleShares 0

Sản phẩm đặc chủng Chesteron

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Thread-Locking Compound

Thread-Locking Compound   Fast Cure Bakerlok Thread-Locking Compound replaces welding for casing joints on the bottom lengths to prevent unscrewing while drilling out cement. Welding of shoes, couplings, and collars to casing often weakens the casing and should be avoided wherever possible. FEATURES/ADVANTAGES Withstanding High Breakout Torque. Tests under bottom hole temperatures ranging from 50° […]

(Tiếng Việt) Cung cấp phụ tùng cẩu kobelco giá tốt nhất

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Catalogue – Loadcell

Compressive Load Cells Design of bespoke toad celt solutions for capacities up to 2000 Tonne Wireless & cabled optiomns available ATEX options available for some models Load Links For att lifting applications, including Marine & offshore where accurate and reliable toad monitoring is Used in most tensile applications. Load links in capacities up to 500Te […]

Data Logging

Data Logging All Wireless Units can be transmitted to Local PC for immediate displaying on screen. Live logging and graph display Exportable to Excel User can plot graph, capture peak loads and analyse test for producing to end clients and test presentations. MS Windows based Standard product uses descrete USB powered Base station so that […]

Load Cell Displays

Load Cell Displays Advanced handheld displays with models that allow up to 12 load monitoring devices to be displayed on one unit. Wireless or cabled designs. Wireless units use worldwide licence exempt 2.4 GHz radio Low power consumption for longer battery life on handheld displays. Rugged fixed display with options for ATEX rated units Calibrated […]

Running Line Tensiometer

For winch, crane, tow, laying and tensioning applications 20 Running Line Tensiometer designs Line Diameters from Ø10mm to Ø100mm Line Capacities up to 120Te Rugged design for operation in the most extreme environments Simple and quick access for line/rope fitting Hazardous area ATEX models available for all environments Marinised design ensures corrosion prevention in Offshore […]