Load Links

Load Links

Accurate and reliable tensile load monitoring for lifting applications.

Cảm biến lực căng

Cảm biến lực căng

Suitable for all industry sectors including Marine, Offshore and Subsea.

Ideal for mobile applications and services.

Retro-fit load monitoring to existing applications where shackles already available

Wireless and Cable versions

Key Features

13 Load Link designs from 5Te to 500Te as standard other capabilities on request

Robust, Lightweight, High Tensile aluminium design using high grade material

Wireless and cabled options available

Internal Antenna on all wireless models

Fits all major shackle manufacturers including Van Beest, Crosby and GN Rope

Load Links designed to be rigged & operational with a Working Load Link (WLL) of the same capacity

Safety Factor of 5:1

Accuracy <0.5% of applied load

Matched handheld telemetry display

Data logging software available

ATEX versions available for Zones 0, 1, & 2

Subsea variants available on request

Every unit load tested and certified

Designed & Manufactured at Power Jacks in the UK

Typical Applications:

For lifting and static systems in:

Under-hook crane weighing

Cable Tension monitoring

Crane / Hoist Load Testing

Water Weight/Bag Calibration

Warehouse despatch weighing

Beam Proof Load Testing

Towing load monitoring

Mooring load monitoring

Crane safe load monitoring

Anchor line tension monitoring

Static wireline tension -Crane Load Calibration

Subsea Vehicle Lifting

Onshore and Offshore wind turbine installation

Special Design:

If the standard load link does not meet your application requirements then please send us your design requirements and we will propose designs solution. Whether it is a smaller or larger capacity load link, low height, submersible, hazardous area or other conditions that need to be met, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


We can provide complete load monitoring systems for large or small installations. These systems can include (but not limited to):

Handheld displays.

Fixed displays.

Load Monitoring software (up to 100 units simultaneously).

Data logging software (up to 100 units simultaneously).

Wireless networks equipment (e.g. repeater units).

USB base stations.

Load monitoring web server so data can be accessed from any device in any location worldwide.

Software installed on existing computers or preinstalled on new computers with or without displays.