Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges electronic pressure gauge is used to precisely meter than traditional mechanical pressure. A special feature on the pressure gauges display electronics is clearly number so we can know the exact pressure measurement is required, in addition pressure gauges also covers electronic high vibration resistance .

Operating principle

A pressure sensor is placed in the device and communicate with the processor. LCD display connected to the processor to display the measured pressure values. The entire system is battery operated and is surrounded by a protective envelope of plastic or metal.

Using the technology of pressure sensors, pressure gauges convert electronic signals into electrical signals muscles. With a pressure gauge Bourdon tubular body mechanism operates on the pressure in the pipe is the pipe shrink or stretch, and the structure pointer. This easily leads to errors when reading results on the analog clock with the clock angle looked different.

Some characteristics of pressure gauges Electronic

  • Show pressure in the form of LED
  • Pressure measuring unit can choose like : bar , psi , mbar , MPa , kPa , Pa , kg / cm2 …
  • Time helps clock display battery 3-5 years
  • Anti-vibration high
  • Settings can be measured on the meter range to increase accuracy
  • High accuracy of 0.5 % , 0.25% , 0.125 % , 0.075 % , 0:05 % error


Why replace gauges with mechanical pressure gauges Electronic pressure ?

  • The accuracy of pressure gauges higher electronic pressure gauges traditional mechanical
  • Greater stability
  • The lifespan of pressure gauges higher electronic pressure gauge body
  • Can change the measured values ​​to increase accuracy
  • Can change the unit of measure at the request of users

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Installation and maintenance

Pressure gauges installed electronics is usually the standard with a shutoff valve between the clock and where the need for measuring pressure, it is essential for the maintenance , cleaning , adjusting the clock . For the device to be measured vapor pressure at elevated temperatures to siphon tube fitted , also with the corrosive fluid is high, the isolation diaphragm assembly is necessary .


The device type digital pressure gauge (electronic pressure gauge )

  • Type LDM 70 : Measuring pressure digital test , precision 0.25% FS or 0.5 % FS
  • Type DFP : Measuring digital pressure , ± 0.1 % FS
  • TLDMM – A01 Type : Pressure Measuring Equipment Digital Test , 0.1 % FS accuracy
  • TLDMM – A02 Type : Pressure Measuring Equipment Digital Test , 0.2 % FS accuracy
  • TLDMM Type : Pressure Measuring Equipment Digital Test , accuracy of 0.05% FS
  • LPC 300 Type : Pressure calibration equipment , precision 0.025 % FS Pressure
  • Type DMG03 : Measuring digital pressure to low pressure , vacuum , various pressures , ranging from 0 / 2.5 mbar to 0/1000 mbar

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