PTFE Tape & Film


PTFE film form is made ​​from thin sheet metal polytetrafluoroethane . Polytetrafluoroethylene material is one of the most important insulation from organic polymers , have been applied in many fields such as sensors , motors and generators , dosimeters , and air filters in air high.

Teflon membrane (PTFE film) with high tensile strength , good insulation , excellent features such as non-stick .

Teflon film , spinning ring made ​​by Teflon molded handle workblank rotation , it has excellent dielectric properties , not aging , the best corrosion resistance and strength of the broad range of uses .


PTFE skived sheet

  • Ptfe membrane
  • Thickness : 0.1~0.5mm
  • Withd: 20~1500mm
  • Length : unlimited

ptfe phim

Product use:

PTFE film format used for different means of gasket seals and lubrication materials , and at different frequencies , the use of electrical insulation parts . As the capacitor dielectric layer , particularly electric edge insulation wire , electrical equipment insulation, linings , etc . , Can also do not glue sealing strip, demoulding . Also used in the Lot, seaing and less lubrication oil and dielectric material at any frequency . Capacitor dielectric , wire isolation , insulation , insulation of electrical appliances .

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