Rubber Seal & Gasket

Gioang cao su

Seals, gaskets of all kinds (oil resistant, heat, abrasion, …): all kinds of hydraulic seals; Oven Gaskets, composting, drying (maximum temperature 3950C); Gaskets types of food (especially all kinds of gaskets used in brewing); Gaskets valves used in irrigation water (diameter unlimited).
– Sheet rubber floor coverings, panels antistatic and insulating.
– The type of bridge rubber cushions (pads, expansion joints, …); rubber insert concrete, rubber irrigation, hydropower (P, rubber sluice gates, door visits, …)
– Rubber buffer shock absorber of the type used in automobiles, motorcycles, dynamic load equipment (shakers and equipment trucks, …).
– The types of tanks, soft rubber used to store water, petroleum, chemicals, …
– The type of rubber membrane reinforced rubber fabric and detailing techniques.

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