(Tiếng Việt) Hạt mài sc ball

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Particles of slag against Anmon (Coal slag) A1, A2, A3, … (EUROGRIT – NETHERLANDS) Coal of slag As we all know, a great disadvantage of iron and steel is that they are susceptible to rust. In order to prolong the life of parts as well as equipment, it is often done to paint or surface […]

GRAIN Steel Cut Wire

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION : CUT STEEL WIRE (Grain Grinder cut) is very popular material, commonly used in the spraying, spraying Shot Peening especially need to use high-strength materials. Favored for use in the automotive industry, foundries, mold casting, manufacturing automobile wheel, air … PROPERTIES OF GRAIN STEEL CUT WIRE Steel Cut Wire is favored today are […]

Aluminum Oxide Particle

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Granular oxide particles: Aluminum oxide is a material is widely used in many industrial sectors: manufacturing glass, metal corrosion – used in place of corrosion, industrial wood and sculpture … In it, as well as other kinds of abrasive particles, aluminum oxide particles are currently used in the trust company or enterprise of […]

Chuyên cung cấp hạt mài garnet chất lượng cao, giá tốt nhất

HẠT MÀI GARNET I- Giới thiệu sản phẩm Hạt garnet Garnet là một loại vật liệu dùng thông dụng nhất, được các Công ty đóng tàu, Xí nghiệp dầu khí lựa chọn, sử dụng rộng rãi nhất trong các loại hạt để phục vụ việc làm sạch bề mặt kim loại .         […]

Grinding Wheels PS Ball (Steel Compound Ball)

What’s S C Ball ? 1. What is SC Ball? (1) SC Ball is an abbreviation of Steel Compound Ball and a newly born material. (2) SC Ball is produced through Slag Atomizing Technology (SAT). (3) SC Ball is a product out of slag generated from steel making process. (4) Usages of SC Ball using […]


INTRODUCTION OF GRIT GRIT WHITE PRODUCTS : STEEL GRIT  is produced by grinding round steel ball. Multi-grain grinding wheels are used for rust removal, paint remover and sawtooth, gloss, brightness on the surface of the product. Grit steel grit   PROPERTIES OF GRINDING GRINDING GRINDING Steel Grit grades have three different hardness grades, which are […]


PRODUCT INTRODUCTION : GRAIN STEEL SHOT is a form of steel balls, spherical, with lots of different sizes, which are used for the purpose of cleaning the metal surface rust create roughness, gloss, clean white … In addition, the app also STEEL SHOT surface cleaning stone surfaces, concrete, wood …. GRAIN STEEL SHOT PROPERTIES Is […]