P/N: 22114 Description RUN-N-SEAL contains a large volume of solids enhanced by a higher concentration of large-sized particles.The improved distribution of particle sizes and volume of solids provides an excellent seal in large and small diameter, non-shouldered threads. The lithium complex grease provides a high melting point, ensures brushability over a wide range of temperatures, […]

Grease tube high-pressure API Modified Jet Lube

              P / N: 22 114 Description API-MODIFIED will seal and withstand pressures to 10,000 psi and will not harden or dry. Its lubricating characteristics reduce friction in the makeup of casing and tubing, preventing galling and wear. Maximum thread engagement is ensured, providing optimum leak resistance. Certifications API […]


Description Wire ropes contain numerous moving parts that require lubrication. Each time the rope bends or flexes, the internal strands rub together. WRL coats these strands to prevent friction and wear. This results in longer life, less downtime for rope changes and more production. Applications: WRL is easily pumpable at low temperatures. Its non-drying film […]


Description OG-H is a NLGI Grade 3 product suitable for use both indoors and outdoors under extreme weather conditions. OG-H replaces ordinary residual type tarry materials and is easier to apply; requiring no heating or other preparation. Far less lubricant needs to be used versus competitive products, assuring greater economy. Applications Use OG-H on exposed […]


Description Contained MoS2 is chemically stable and is attacked by few strong reagents. If the grease vehicle should be squeezed out, disrupting normal hydrodynamic lubrication, the moly-disulphide remains to protect working surfaces. It provides a low-friction shield to reduce bearing temperatures, protect working parts, prevent galling, seizure, stickslip and heat-freeze. Applications An extreme service lubricant […]


Description GEAR GUARD assures a smooth, long-lasting, economical and effective coating. Its black color guides proper coverage, allowing easy touch up. It does not have to be heated. GEAR GUARD resists heat and pressure, will not wash or wear off because of weather, and will not break down after repeated workings. It contains rust-preventing ingredients […]