Regulator for Calibration Gas Cylinder

About Our Regulators Calgaz regulators are designed, meticulously hand-assembled, then rigorously inspected by highly experienced professionals in our Cambridge, Maryland facility. Every single regulator is function tested and leak checked, with rigid quality controls in place. We offer a complete line of fixed and variable flow regulators, including our patented Demand Flow Regulator (DFR), for […]

Calibration Gas Cylinder – Calgaz

Calibration Gas Cylinders are used for calibrate gas detectors, laboratory instruments. All gas detectors are comparative devices and susceptible to drift, which may lead to an un­der or overestimation of the true concentra­tion of the gas being detected. These effects can be minimized, but not entirely eliminat­ed. With outstanding research along with group of development […]


Someside along the road to SUCCESS For over 40 years of manufacturing all kind of gas, calibration cylinder… and 20 years ago Calgaz introduced the four-in-one gas mixture. Today it is the biggest selling product in the calibration gas industry. That kind of success only come from the non – stop working and innovating every step […]


Blue Cylinder Case (with foam) These self-contained kits are safely and easily transported. Each heavy-duty, impact-resistant plastic case may contain one or two non-refillable cylinders, one or two regulators, and appropriate tubing. – Improved latch system for enhanced security. – Integral foam block houses and protects regulator(s) during shipment. – Regulator can be used while […]