Vertical Lifting Clamp

Item No Rated Capacity Ton Jaw Opening L(Max) Weight (kg) SVC 1HE 1 0 ~ 19 250 3 SVC 2HE 2 0 ~ 25 310 6 SVC 2WHE 2 0 ~ 40 360 6.2 SVC 3HE 3 0 ~ 30 375 10.5 SVC 4HE 4 0 ~ 35 405 12.5 SVC 4WHE 4 25 ~ […]

Lateral lifting clamp ((HLCHE~12WHE)

Model: HLC1HE~12WHE Clamp for latera(l horizontal) lifting of steel plates and structural steels( H , I , T and L shaped steel structures ■FEATURES – The spring-loaded tightening lock mechanism assures a positive initial clamping force. – The clamping force increases in proportion to the weight of the load. – The main body is made […]

Electric Chain Hoist

Standard Specifications Specifications S, F Series Electric Source 3-Phase: 220V / 380 to 415V 50Hz 1-Phase: 220 to 240V 50Hz Operation Method Operating push button Control Voltage 24V Power Feeding System Cable feeding Suspension-type, with manual driven trolley or chain driven trolley With 5m cable With motorized trolley Cable and catch are not included with […]

Beam Clamp

Model: SBC 1~5 ■FEATURES Beam  clamp  fixed  to  H  &  I  shaped  steel  is  optimal  and  can  be  hook  chain blocks and wheels. Beam clamp is used as a connecting clamp to beams at factories and building sights. Beam clamp can be easily fixed or released by turning the screw. Iem No. Rated capacity (ton) […]

C-Shaped Clamp

Specification : – Size : 25 ~ 300 mm – Maximum Opening : 26.5 ~ 306.5 mm – Length : 78 ~ 485 mm Used for : The handle is attached for quick tightening and sufficient to tighten wooden material Tightening of the hexagonal screw with a wrench ensures a strong closure Manufacture /Origin : Super […]

Rope hoist

Features 1. BRAKE WITH AUTOMATIC ADJUSTING DEVICE Introduced in the new Wire Rope Hoist is the world’s first hoist brake with automatic adjusting device developed by Hitachi. This brake is automatically adjusted in propor-tion to the amount of lining abra-sion to render it maintenance-free, eliminating hazardous brake adjust-ment high above floor level. This device also […]