Phụ tùng bơm

Phụ tùng bơm Process Pump/Double Acting Pump   PA/PAP/PAX Series/CAD Model Action Discharge rate (L/min) Wetted part material PA3000 PA3xx0  Automatically operated type 1 to 20 ADC12 (Aluminum) SCS14 (Stainless steel) PA3x13  Air operated type 0.1 to 12 PA5000 PA5xx0  Automatically operated type 5 to 45 PA5x13  Air operated type 1 to 24 PAP3000 PAP3310  Automatically operated […]

Thiết bị hiệu chuẩn không khí

Thiết bị hiệu chuẩn không khí Air Cooled Aftercooler   HAA Series/CAD Applicable compressor Air flow capacity L/min (ANR) HAA  7.5 to 37 kW 1000 to 5700 Features Can cool high temperature compressed air from compressors down to 40ºC or less and efficiently remove moisture from the air. Cooling equipment is not required for this air cooled […]

Thiết bị điện

Thiết bị điện Electric Grippers   LEH ( ): For long stroke Series/CAD Body size Stroke/ both sides (mm) Gripping force [N] Opening and closing speed (mm/s) Controller series Basic Compact LEHZ 2-finger  10 4 6 to 14 2 to 6 5 to 80 LECP6 Series 16 6 3 to 8 20 10 16 to 40 11 […]