Dissolvable Aquasol Water Soluble Paper provides an excellent barrier used to retain noble gases such as argon and helium within […]

Aquasol offers SteelSpace stainless steel socket weld spacer rings

SteelSpace effectively does away with scribing, measuring, and fitting and helps to reduce and eliminate cracked welds. SteelSpace, available in […]

SoluShim Water Soluble Alignment Sticks

SoluShim Water Soluble Alignment Sticks are an innovative solution for maintaining precise gaps on plates, pipes, and flanges as required […]

Water soluble socket weld spacer ring – Solugap

The specially engineered, patented design of SoluGap offers an economical, inventive solution to socket welding needs. Compatible with any metal, […]

Pro Ox – 100 Kit

Programmable digital oxygen monitor The PRO OX-100 programmable handheld digital oxygen monitor is designed to give operators the most precise […]

Water soluble purge film and adhesive – Liquifilm

Liquifilm is a completely biodegradable, water soluble purge film that can be used as a purge gas barrier during TIG […]

Modular inflatable purge bladders I – purge X

The I-Purge X is the most adaptable and technologically advanced modular inflatable bladder system available to date. The I-Purge X […]

Modular inflatable bladder system – i-Purge

Modular inflatable bladder system The revolutionary, patent-pending I-Purge Modular Inflatable Bladder System is the most innovative and versatile pipe purging […]

Fiberglass weld backing tape – Fiback

Fiberglass weld backing tape Fiback Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape is an innovative substitute for traditional back purging methods that provides […]

Ez zone ® tape

Purge gas retaining tape EZ Zone Tape innovatively offers the perfect solution for preventing weld contamination when sealing the root […]