Sodium bentonite, bentonite clay in waste disposal technology – Bentonite in Vietnam

Eastern Sea LTD Company with many experiences in more than 14 years in providing bentonite API in Vietnam, equipment and materials in the field of oil and gas.

With our solid experience we are confident to serve our valued partners in the field of environmental treatment, irrigation and construction.

In order to prevent garbage infiltration at buildings, the city’s large waste disposal sites pollute the environment and water. Eastern Sea Ltd Company provides the solutions for waterproofing for waste tank with Sodium bentonite powder. Bentonite powder has a low viscosity, high swelling with a density of 1.0 -1.05 g / m3 as well as high permeability. This can prevent permeability, drainage to the outside environment

Technical features

Property Unit Bentonite Score
Marsh Viscosity 700/500 sec 20
Density g/cm3 1.03
Swelling ml/2g 20
pH value 8
Suspension ratio kg/m3 60

bột sét bentonite

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