Motor Brook Crompton – Brook Crompton Viet Nam – SERIES 10 MOTOR

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  1. Product:

Brook Crompton is a leading provider of energy efficient electric motor with quality and continuous innovation. Therefore Brook Crompton has various types of motors with voltage from low, medium and high, designed for safe and hazardous contructions with cost-effective and energy saving solutions in the industry.

The Series 10 is one of the typical product of motor in Brook Crompton with advantage suitable directly for operation in hazardous atmospheres and hostile environments. Due of high specification of the series 10, It can be fit for all application in the industry.

  1. Specification:

The main construction of the series 10 is 2 type of Aluminium and Cast Iron.

  • Aluminium motors have output from 09kw to 18.5kw in frame sizes B-DA56 to A-DA160.
  • The cast iron motors have outputs from 0.09kW to 900kW in frame sizes B-DF71M to BU-DF450, in 2,4,6 or 8 pole speeds.

The stringent quality processes are observed from first design to finished product line with ISO9001 quality system.

Therefore all factory of Brook Crompton have been evaluated to meet all requirements, the more guarantee that only the highest quality standards will be accepted.

By becoming an official Brook Crompton distributor , Hai Dong company hope that we will be  a reliable partner and meet all the requirements of customers in the motor market in Vietnam.