Steel Pipe HUSTEEL Korea

Eastern Sea Co., Ltd is the distributor of HUSTEEL, Korea.

Since founding in 1967, the steel company HUSTEEL has grown for half a century. Now we stand as representatives of steel pipe companies in Korea. We, as a global pipe leader, have been nourishing our resolve to realize even bigger dream. As a result, we have grown into a valuable company that moves the hearts of customers with our production capacity, high-tech equipment for global competitiveness and with the mind which considers its fellow men and environment to be of upmost importance, we continue to exceed expectations.

Product goods:

  1. Steel Pipe for Oil Well / OCTG

Steel pipe (API 5CT) used to mine petroleum or natural gas

  1. Oil Pipeline

Steel pipe (API 5L) used to transport mined petroleum or natural gas

  1. Concrete Transporting Pipe

Single and twin steel pipe mounted to a concrete pump truck to transport concrete and used for single and twin transporting pipes

  1. STS Steel Pipe

Stainless steel pipe used in petrochemical industry, water supply pipe, boiler, and heat exchanger

  1. Hydraulic Cylinders

Steel pipe used for hydraulic cylinders for agricultural machinery and high hydraulic telescopic cylinder for construction machinery

  1. Steel Pipe for Piping

We have been manufacturing steel pipes that are tailored optimally for any task such as: general pipes used to transport low-pressure steam, water, and oil, while fuel pipes are used to transport gas, and pressure pipes for any use under the stress of temperature lower than 350ºC.

  1. Conduit

It is a steel pipe to protect electrical wires.

  1. Steel Pipe for HRSG/Boilers and Heat Exchangers

It is a steel pipe used for boiler tubes, heat exchangers at petrochemical plants, condenser tubes, and catalyst tubes. HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) tubes are used for the equipment to recover waste heat.

  1. Square Steel Pipe

It is a steel pipe used for ships, civil and architectural engineering, and other structures. As it does not experience any exterior deformation, it is an excellent product without processing.

  1. Steel Pipe for Structural Purpose

There are steel pipes for general structural purposes used in civil engineering structures, architectural structures, steel towers, piles, and pillars; steel pipes for machine parts such as in machineries, automobiles, bicycles and instruments; and steel pipe piles for structure foundation in civil engineering and architectural structures.