SUPER TONG, Chain Pipe Wrench

  • Optimal for work in narrow places where pipe wrenches cannot be used .
  • Possible to work repeatedly with one-time setting . (Not for coated steel pipes)
  • For ST3,3L and 4L , it is possible to add pipes (Separately sold)


Item NoApplicable pipe to biteFull lengthN.W.


SizeExternal diameter
ST 0¼(8A) ~1 1/2B(40A)12~502300.3
ST 11/4B(8A) ~3B(80A)14~893050.8
ST 1L1/4B(8A) ~6B(150A)14~1703051.1
ST 1.53/8B(10A) ~ 4B(100A)17~1204251.8
ST 23/4B(20A) ~ 6B(150A)25~1705102.6
ST 2L3/8B(10A) ~ 8B(100A)25~2305103.1
ST 2.51B(25A) ~ 8B(200A)34~2306955.3
ST 31B(25A) ~ 8B(200A)35~2707456.3
ST 3L1B(25A) ~ 8B(200A)35~3207456.6
ST 42B(50A) ~ 8B(200A)60~51074510.5