Genuine parts and vs. non-genuine

Genuine parts and vs. non-genuine

Use Genuine Parts to Save Your Engine & Cut Your Costs

GenuineMaK Parts Compared to Non-Original parts

Exhaust Valves

 – Left Side – Genuine MaK Exhaust Valve

It shows the underside of the valve plate after 30,000 hours of reliable HFO operation.

 – Right Side – Non-Original Valve

The form, fit and function of the genuine MaK valve is retained throughout its working live.

Nozzle Elementdau-phun

– Left Side – Shape of Spray Hole Inlet-Ports

A proprietary after treatment process ensures that the final machining of a MaK nozzle element provides a smooth and consistent geometry

– Right Side – Non-Original Injector Nozzle Fuel

Delivery Ports without after treatment could lead to fuel nozzle cracks, injector tip failure and consequential damages to the injector sleeve.dau-phun1

 Right Side – Non-Original Nozzle Elements

It may fail in high stress situations. High stress in the area of the nozzle holes can cause, at high operating temperatures, complete breakage of the nozzle tip, resulting in consequential damage to the cylinder head and exhaust valves.

– Left Side

After treated genuine MaK nozzle elements bring you peace of mind during their operating life without the risk of engine damage.