PTFE (Teflon) Gasket

Specifications: Operating temperature : 230 ° C Acid and alkali resistance , low friction coefficient , non-viscous , non-corrosive Tensile […]

PTFE Tape & Film

Describe: PTFE film form is made ​​from thin sheet metal polytetrafluoroethane . Polytetrafluoroethylene material is one of the most important […]

Sheets PTFE Gaskets

Describe: Sheets PTFE Gaskets – Sheet (Form Sheets) – PTFE Plate is a fluorocarbon-based polymer chemical resistance and ultra-high purity. […]


Describe: Plastics Teflon – PTFE tubular ( pipe heat resistant PTFE ) are created by hollow inner structure of the […]

PTFE tree

Describe: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) shows a chemical resistance superior and it is insoluble in all known solvents . It’s just been […]


Describe: TA 7100A / B is structured PTFE tape to be stretched . For these types of flanges and boats […]