Flashback Arrestors OXYGEN HB188-UL

Flashback Arrestors OXYGEN HB188-UL Listed Series FEATURES Non-return Valve [NV] Flame Arrestor [FA] Dust filter [DF] HB188-UL for Torch (Dimensions:Ф21×51.8mm) […]

Sứ lót đường hàn dẹt dãnh

Mô tả sản phẩm sứ lót đường hàn dẹt, dãnh 7,8,10,12,15 Đặc tính kỹ thuật sứ lót đường hàn Đáp […]

Oxygen analysers from ORBITEC-Germany.

Eastern Sea Co., Ltd distribute Oxygen analysers from ORBITEC-Germany. Precise purging is essential for controlling weld quality, particularly when welding […]


Accessories Battery powered device For inert gases For mixed gases with hydrogen (max. 10%) Measuring cell made of zirconium oxide […]


Accessories For inert gases For mixed gases containing hydrogen Measuring cell made of zirconium oxide (maintenance-free) Interface for communication with […]

Máy hàn chất lượng cao giá tốt nhất

Máy hàn MIG Riland chất lượng cao Máy hàn Mig 350IJ Riland với bộ cấp dây ngoài riêng biệt, ứng […]

Máy cắt hàn plasma

Máy cắt plasma là gì? Plasma là một trạng thái vật chất trong đó các chất bị ion hóa mạnh. […]

Ceramic welding liner WT102

Ceramic lining is applied in many industries as shipbuilding, manufacturing tanks, large pipes … Use with drug cored wire. Beautiful […]

Technology Tig 230 DC HF/LIFT

Technology Tig 230 DC HF/LIFT Warranty: 12 Months Origin: Genuine Manufacturer Telwin Capacity (KVA) 5.5 Functions • Welding rods • […]

Nickel Base solid Wires

Techalloy offers a wide variety of nickel grades, product forms and packages for all applications that require high quality nickel […]