Cathodic protection


Model of our anodes protecting jacket legs of an Offshore Platform


Our anodes on Subsea Pipe Support Systems

We manufacture and supply all Cathodic Protection materials and instruments. These include: Galvanic anodes, impressed current anodes, transformer rectifier, instrument, insulating equipment …

Galvanic Anodes

  • Aluminium anodes and zinc anodes including:
  • Offshore structural anodes (for platforms, jetties, wharves, etc)
  • Offshore submarine pipeline bracelet anodes
  • Onshore prepackaged anodes
  • Marine anodes (for hull, tank, etc)
  • Pressure vessel anodes
  • Magnesium anodes for underground structures


Impressed Current Anodes

  • Silicon/Chromium/Iron anodes
  • Platinised Titanium/Niobium, MMO anodes
  • Lead/Silver/Antimony anodes
  • Graphite anodes


Transformer Rectifiers

  • Custom built cathodic protection transformer rectifers (Air Cooled Rectifier, Oil Cooled Rectifier, Automatic Control Rectifier…)



  • Copper sulphate, silver chloride, zinc reference electrodes, etc.


We have DET NORSKE VERITAS Type Approval Certificate for Sacrificial Anode for Corrosion Protection.

Cathodic Protection Services

  • Field Survey
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning Stroke Maintenance