Watertight door product

We are very pleased to introduce to you our new products for maritime industry.  We offer a wide range of watertight closures, hinged doors, sliding doors, hatches or manholes. Our products are designed to meet the rigorous demands when conditions get rough. All our doors are built according SOLAS regulations and every single door is certified after hydraulic testing.

Tank Vent Check Valves (TVCV)

Tank vent check valves are used on all ships in order to ventilate ballast and void tanks while preventing any contamination of the tank with water during rough seas.

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Our products:

Steel Tank Vent Check Valve, Aluminum Tank Vent Check Valve (our latest development)

Hinged Doors

Our hinged doors give a 100% watertight seal and are made to fit the toughest conditions. Splashtight, weathertight and watertight central closing doors are built according to seagoing rules and regulations.


Our products:

Weathertight and Splashtight Doors, Watertight Bulkhead Doors, GRP Exterior Doors, Weathertight and Watertight A60 Doors

Watertight Sliding Doors (WTSD)

We manufacture four types, which are available in a wide range of sizes and with various options to assemble a custom made door at your requirements.

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Our products:

WTSD type 1: Electro Hydraulic operation WTSD type 2: Fully Electric operation

WTSD type 3: Electro Hydraulic operation (suitable for passenger vessels) WTSD type 4: Hand Hydraulic operation (suitable for passenger vessels) For the offshore oil and gas industry we supply A60 Watertight Fire doors, type approved by DNV-GL. Individual approvals for ABS, LRS, BV are available

Hatches & Manholes

We offer a wide range of standard hatches up to 800×800 mm. All hatches can be supplied by a quick acting closing mechanism, which is reliable and maintenance free. Operation can be done by lever, hand wheel or T-Key.


Out products:

Watertight hatches, Weathertight hatches, Yacht hatch, Manholes round or ova