Mist eliminator louver

Mist eliminator louvers are used for air intakes for separation of water droplets, moisture and some salt spray from the air stream.

This reduces corrosion, mold and other moisture related problems, and usually mean reduced maintenance and significant savings for the owner.

Our products:

1. Standard mist eliminator

The louver is primarily used as intake louver. Typical examples are engine room intakes, intake for accommodation, cargo hold etc.

122. Mist eliminator with weather tight hatch

The louver is primarily used as air intake / supply louver where you have demand for weather tight closing. It can also be used as an alternative to a shut off damper. Typical applications are intake for accommodation, technical rooms, etc.

1233. Mist eliminator with integrated shut off damper

This type is used as an air intake where weather tight closing is not demanded. The damper is primarily intended as a shut off damper, but can also be used as an air volume control / regulating damper.