Ventilation Fans and Equipment NYBORG-POLAND

The Nyborg axial fans are heavy duty fans designed for marine applications.
The fans are delivered in sizes from ø250 to ø1600 with capacities up to 200.000 m3/h and static pressures up to 1600 Pa.
The MPV fans are heavy duty fans designed for marine applications, manufactured in mild steel, hot dip galvanized.
Option: Fan in stainless steel execution (aisi304/316). Fan in alum execution
The MPV fans are made in two versions with two different impellers:
MPV-A1 – with A impeller for fan without guide vanes
MPV – D1- With D impeller for fan with guide vanes
The MPV fan is made in four models
MPV – A1K/D1K – tube fan for installing in duct or end of duct, with inspection cover and cable glands in casing
MPV – A1E/D1E – for duct connection / duct end installation. The fan is with short casing and inlet cone for better performance. The motor is outside of the casing for easy accessibility. As standard a protection grid is fitted to the fan.
MPV – A1B – for wall mounting The fan is with inlet cone for smaller pressure drop and better performance and is delivered with a protection grid (wire guard) as standard.
MPV – A1M/D1M – for installing in duct or duct end. The fan is a swing out construction where motor and impeller can be swung out for maintenance (and inspection)
The motors are as standard TEFC squirrel caged inductive electric motors in marine execution.
Motors are IP55 and insulation class F as standard. The fans can also be equipped with EX motors class Exe (increased safety), Exd or Exde (explosion-/flameproof) or EXN motors.
Motor options:
  • IP56, IP65 or IP66,
  • anti condensing heating element
  • offshore painting
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Spark proof execution/design with anti spark track
  • Thick casing, 6, 8 or 10mm thickness
  • Short casing (MPV – A1K/D1K)
  • special bolt division circle
  • fan with guide vanes before and after impeller for extra high pressures


Centrifugal fans are classified into three main groups; low, medium and high pressure.

Typical application for this fan is mechanical ventilation, extraction, in hazardous zones of cargo area and rooms onboard ships. Duct-top, above deck mounting.



Typical application for this fan is mechanical ventilation of hazardous zones and cargo tanks

onboard ships. To be mounted into tank openings on deck.



Heavy-duty cowls for marine applications, to be duct-top mounted.


Heavy-duty dampers are designed for marine applications.


For ship and offshore/rig applications.
The SSVent-FS is used where weather tight closing is not needed, primarily for exhaust, but also for supply if some ingress of rain is acceptable. The damper is mainly used as shut off damper, but can also be used as a regulating damper for air volume control.
Mist eliminator louvers are used for air intakes for separation of water droplets, moisture and some salt spray from the air stream.
This reduces corrosion, mold and other moisture related problems, and usually mean reduced maintenance and significant savings for the owner.
Heavy-duty Silencers for marine applications.