MX Addressable Detector

MX VIRTUAL Multi-sensor Detectors


  • Multiple fre detection modes
  • Tyco MX FASTLOGIC expert algorithms
  • MX HPO detection algorithms
  • Tyco CO fre detection technology
  • Up to 250 detectors per loop
  • Optional bi-directional short circuit isolator base
  • Remote detector verifcation & temperature read-out
  • Highly featured MX Service tool
  • Programmable alarm LED with 360° viewing angle
  • Optional detector locking pin
  • Variety of sounder and relay detector bases
  • Address fag stays with the base
  • Internationally approved814ph

800 Series Detectors

The 800 Series are addressable multi-sensor fire, smoke and heat detectors, which can be implemented as several MX VIRTUAL detectors by the MX Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE). The 814 Series carries ANZ specific listings.

The 800 Series MX VIRTUAL detectors provide the latest fire detection technology in an attractive cost effective package. Installation & Service Features

The 800 Series MX VIRTUAL detectors include a host of installation and service features which are provided to reduce installation and service costs and reduce repair times.

  • Standard bases with multiple mounting options, speed and simplify installation
  • Unique ‘park’ position for commissioning and service procedures
  • Detector Addressing programmed from the MX Service Tool or MX CIE.
  • Address flag – fixed to the base to prevent mix ups during service
  • Compatible with Tyco 600 Series bases – for easy upgrade
  • Panel Auto-Config and Self learn functions – supported by the detectors
  • Detector Service functions allow 800 Series detectors to be automatically addressed on MX CIE.
  • Full range of remote installation and service tools
  • Dirty Detector Read-out can be viewed on the MX Service Tool or panel

Construction & Technical Specification

The 800 Series detectors are supplied in an extremely robust and reliable sealed construction, which has undergone stringent environmental and Marine type testing. Electrical contacts are moulded into the plastic to eliminate any movement.The detectors are constructed from hard wearing Fire Resistant FR110 PC/ABS blend.

All 800 Series detectors are supplied with integral dust covers (part number 121.003.336) as part of the packaging. Dust covers are retained throughout installation and removed at commissioning time, but should be stored on-site for future use during dusty building works, such as renovations.