Gas flooding system

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For over 70 years, Tyco Marine Services has been a preferred supplier of gaseous fire suppression systems to the Marine industry. Today, our inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression systems offer a long term, sustainable solution for protecting a wide range of areas within a ship such as “Critical Equipment Rooms” involving switchboards, transformer, engine control, pumps etc.

We provide three types of gaseous fire suppression for the marine industry. These are INERGEN® inert gas and Novec 1230 andCO2 chemical gases.  All these gases have one thing in common in that they will never be re-classified as “hazardous waste” nor require special inspection procedures under the EU’s “F” Gas Regulations.

Each type of gaseous fire suppression system has its own unique features and benefits that make them ideal for fighting fires inspecific areas and working environments. For example, the small footprint area of Novec 1230 is ideally suited as a simple “Stand-Alone” suppression system for small, restricted space working areas.

INERGEN® inert gas is closer to natural air than any other gaseous fire suppression system, and has the propensity to remain within the protected enclosure rather than leak out. Therefore, the importance of room integrity to prevent agent leakage is not as vital as it is for chemical agents. This feature provides INERGEN with unique, superior holding times without extensive and costly room sealing or dedicated extract ducting. INERGEN can also protect a number of different areas from one central cylinder storage area.


The different types of systems available are:

  • INERGEN® Premier System
  • INERGEN® Conventional System
  • INERGEN® Direct Orifice System
  • Novec 1230
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2High Pressure
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2Low Pressure