FORUM CRANESAFE Products Offline Activity Crane Multi-Purpose Crane Personnel Transfer Bridge Personnel Access Ramp

FORUM Bearings, Chain & Sheaves

FORUM Bearings, Chain & Sheaves Mud Pumps Draw Works Overhead Crown Traveling Block & Hook Swivel & Top Drives Rotary […]

FORUM Manifolds

FORUM Manifolds. Drilling Manifolds Mud-Standpipe Cement Choke & Kill

FORUM Centrifugal Pumps and Gate Valves

FORUM Centrifugal Pumps and Gate Valves Centrifugal Pumps Horizontal & Vertical Mud Line Gate Valves 5,000 & 7,500 psi Low […]

FORUM Mud Pump Fluid Ends

Mud Pump Fluid Ends. Fluid End Modules Valve-Over-Valve OEM: 5,000 PSI Two Piece L-Shaped: 7,500 PSI Suction & Discharge Manifolds […]


FORUM P-QUIP Hydraulic Retention Systems Rod Systems (Kwik-Rod) Liner Retention System (Kwik-Clamp) Valve Cover Systems (Kwik-Cover) Strainer Cross Covers (Kwik-Clean) […]

FORUM Instrumentation

Instrumentation Rig Monitoring Drilling & Fluid System Parameters Recording & Reporting Deadline Anchors Hercules Distributor Ton Mile Indicators Custom Drillers […]

FORUM Bucking Machines

FORUM Bucking Machines Torque Machines Fully Rotational (RT) 90° High Torque (HT) Dual Top Open (DTO) 2-3/8” to 48” Pipe […]

FORUM Hydraulic Catwalks

FORUM Hydraulic Catwalks. Hydraulic Catwalks Hydraulic Catwalks Workover Rigs Land Rigs Offshore Rigs Benefits Removes personnel from hazardous area Speeds […]

FORUM Roughnecks

FORUM Roughnecks FH-70 Max Make-up: 50,000 ft. lbs. Max Break-Out: 70,000 ft. lbs. FH-80 Max Make-Up: 65,000 ft. lbs. Max […]