Water Meter WVM100 ASAHI

ASAHI Turbine Meter is use for accurate measurement of the potable cold water supplied from the waterworks. Manufactured from specially selected materials for resistance to corrosion and for long working life. All Meters are provided with Straight Reading. Dry Dial, hermetically sealed Register , and Magnetic Drive. The rotation of turbine is directly transmitted to the Register by Magnetic Drive. Performance to AWWA C 701-70.

Dimensions (mm.)

WVM 502″501651254-1819080 270
WVM 652.1/2″651851454-18285112 280
WVM 803″752001608-18337140 300
WVM 1004″1002201808-18375170 360
WVM 1506″1502852408-23431200 500


Accuracy and Pressure Drop Curve

Product Advantage

  • No moving parts in water , except Turbine.A solid spiral Turbine is vertically mounted on the pivots at both ends within a cylinderical

flflow tube. The rotation of Turbine is directly transmitted to the hermetically seald Register by Magnet. This means that there is greater

advantages of operation safety, long life, no condensation in the Dry Dial.

  • Magnet Protection Ring is provided . Magnat Drive is protected by Magnet Protection Rings so that Magnet Drive can not be badly inflf

luenced and stopped by another Magnet from outside of this Meter.

  • Easy to maintain.  The entire Register and Turbine complete can be easily removed from the top of the Body Casing without removing the

Meter from pipe line.

  • Straight Reading. The means that the flow quantity is precisely and easily read from the smallest volume units without mistake.
  • Sensitivity at the low flow .  WVM Meters are designed to provide with best sensitivity at the low flow rate and with precise accuracy that

is preserved for long period, as the Stuffifing Box and Gland Friction have been omitted.

*Available Flanges :  Cast Iron Flanger fo standard ISO 7005-2 PN10


Technical Data

  • Maximum Water Temperature : 5°C – 50°C
  • Maximum Test Pressure 17.5 kg/cm2
  • Material of Body Casing : Cast Iron (FC20)