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Copper Slag - Hạt xỉ đồng - Hot line:0986535959-Công Ty TNHH Hải Đông

Copper Slag

Product Description and Technical Data:Copper Slag

JetBlast™ Copper Slag is a by-product produced in
the manufacture of copper. During the smelting and
quenching process, in the copper smelter, mineral slag is
converted to Iron Silicate, thus producing raw copper slag.
The raw copper slag is then processed at up to 90 tonnes
per hour, to produce JetBlast™. JetBlast™ is produced from
100% raw copper slag and is not mixed with recycled
copper slag or tin slag. Additions of either of these two
products can significantly increase levels of Radioactivity
and Conductivity.

JetBlast™ is a low cost expendable material suited
for open blast cleaning and due to its low silica content
does not pose the health hazards created by silica sand. Its sharp, hard cutting edges
provide a fast cleaning action and excellent surface profile preparation. JetBlast™ is one of
the most economical expendable abrasives available for cleaning steel surfaces where
recovery and reuse are not practical.

Copper Slag

Coarse grade JetBlast™ is used predominantly in shipyards for the removal of heavy
corrosion and coatings leaving a typical surface profile of up to 120 microns. Medium grade
JetBlast™ is used for cleaning mill scale and medium rust removal, creating a typical surface
profile of 60 to 100 microns. Fine grade JetBlast™ is used on new steel to remove mill scale
and light rust resulting in a typical surface profile of 40 microns. For low-end applications,
where blasting cost is a major factor, a general grade material is available.

Copper Slag

JetBlast™ Abrasive Properties:

Shape Sharp, Angular
Hardness (Moh Scale) 6 – 7
Bulk Density (kg/m³) 1900
Particle S.G. 3.4
Colour Shiny Black
Size Standard ASTM
Conductivity < 25ms/m


Fe2O3 % > 45 Tin % 0.08
SiO2 % > 31 Antimony % 0.07
Al2O3 % > 4 Chromium % 0.02
Zn % < 1 Cobalt % 0.02
CaO % < 7 Nickel % 0.02
Cu % < 1 Cadmium % 0.004
MgO % > 1.5 Arsenic Not Detected
TiO2 % < 2 Beryllium Not Detected
Free Silica % < 1 Trace Elements % < 0.5
Lead % 0.1 Moisture % < 1

JetBlast™ Available Sizes:

Grade 30/60 16/30 12/30 10/30 8/30 G. Grade
Microns 250 – 600 250 – 1180 600 – 1700 600 – 2000 600 – 2360 0 – 5000
Inch (.001″) 0.009 – 0.023 0.009 – 0.046 0.023 – 0.060 0.023 – 0.078 0.023 – 0.092 0 – 0.195

JetBlast™ Packaging:

50kg Bags 2.0 Tonnes Pallet (40 Bags)
2.0 Tonnes Bulk Bag 1.5 Tonnes Pallet (30 Bags)
1.0 Tonne Pallet (20 Bags)

JetBlast™ Ordering Information:

Key XXXX – Product Grade (e.g. 8/30, XXXX = 0830)
YY – Product Weight (e.g. 2T, YY = 20)
YY – 00 when packing in Bulk or Loose Bags
ZZ – Packing
AO for Bulk
BA for Loose Bags
CP for Bulk Bag
CX for Jungle Box
DA for Shrink Wrap


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