Gear Wrench, Straight Type – Cờ Lê Vòng Miệng Tự Động

Gear wrench , straight type

cờ lê vòng miệng tự động



* electric wire , piping and air conditioner

*Machinery equipment

*Automobile repair

*Suitable for any work in confined spaces.

*72 teeth rachet with 5˚ of sweep suitably used for confined areas

*can be used for final tightening

*Titanium plating at gear part of the socket

Item NoSizeLSDT1T2N.W.(g)
GRW 8814016.
GRW 1010016021.
GRW 121217124.523.05.58.575
GRW 131317826.525.06.08.580
GRW 141419128.527.06.59.0105
GRW 151520031.
GRW 171722534.531.57.510.5165
GRW 191924539.
GRW 212129045.
GRW 222229045.542.09.013.0345
GRW 242433551.547.010.014.5515